Friday, July 2, 2010


My Faerie Vortex has a new fountain! The artists who crafted the landing spaces between the splashing waters are Beth and Zeeb Feywood ( I had a stock fountain purchased from one of the major home stores but it was not created for the display of living art and I desired a space where the jshàmay could play.

I used the term jshàmay (pronounced zha’may) because that is closest to what we know in this paradigm as faeries. Jshàmay are ethereal creatures, often considered a hallucination, seen floating just above the ground in wooded and wild areas. They are translucent and glow and are normally extremely beautiful (or ugly) depending upon your relationship with them.

I created a space at my home for the fey to play because of my affinity to them and their propensity to see items that I cherished or required as objects of their desire. They often hid my keys, absconded with my earrings, and even disappeared my cell phone. (It reappeared in my pocket two years later!)

Over time I came to realize that the jshàmay were simply seeking my attention and a connection to me, thus the frustrating searches for my watch which I always hang over the post at the foot of my bed. As I tuned into these magical creatures, I began to realize that they added much to my life when I acknowledged them.

One afternoon while lazing on the edge of the everglades, small alligators eying me from the opposite bank, I drifted into a waking dream. From in between the Cyprus knees, several dainty, aqua and violet colored, translucent beings observed me. They were small, no taller than knee high, and very slim. Unique patterns of lights move within each of them such that I could tell them apart.

One, upon deciding that I was not a threat, moved towards me, pausing to tweak the two-year-old gator on the way by causing a gnat to alight on his unblinking eye. The gator’s tail twitched as its head thrashed back-and-forth before it realized that the simple solution was to blink. I swear the jshàmay laughed at the saurian’s plight.

As he approached, (it was obviously a ‘he’ from his impressive accoutrements displayed) the jshàmay took on a more substantial and opaque form. He stopped just short of where I lounged and, instead of speaking to me in my language, forced his own form of communication through my brain.

I, without volition, thrilled at the touch of his mind and found myself inexplicably aroused. I was in no state to hide my intoxication at his intercourse with me and finally relaxed into his dominance of my libido regardless of his benign intent.

“Human, you are resistant to your advancement,” he said. “You place great energy and importance into trinkets rather than your existence.” He giggled at his analysis of my plight. “We are, by our very natures, attracted to the sparkly rèsonce – the energy and vibrations of an item – with which you imbue the objects of your passions.” His whole body shook in his barely contained mirth.

“This allows us to mess with your reality.” Now he could barely contain himself and his impressive flag completed its journey to full mast. I found myself powerfully aroused in spite of his scoldings. “Even your relationship with your lover is subject to our manipulations.” He laughed outright at that admission.

His countenance signified as much of a serious mien as a jshàmay could project. “In your ideas of ownership and denial comes your downfall. How can you believe that the remote, which you hold so dear, to control your viewing pleasure will not attract the attention of the ethereal? How can you believe that by denying your lover (or yourself for that matter) the exultation of connecting with others that either of you are completely fulfilled? Why do you believe that love or desire is finite?” His whole being shook in negation.

“Do you love your older sister more than you love your younger brother?” He looked into my soul. “Of course not. How then were you capable of loving your brother when you completely idolized your sister?” Now he became very intense. “When you believe you own something, you attract our attention. Why? You may wonder. It is because we are here to expand your reality.”

During his discourse one of the female jshàmay approached. Her speech within my brain was more like the tinkling of the water in a fountain. “That favorite gold pen that you have becomes much more valuable to us because of your grasping to own it. You must learn that everything is interconnected and that ownership is a fiction.” Her trilling laugh piqued my arousal even more and I was embarrassed that a female evoked such a powerful primal reaction.

“I am going to share a secret with you,” she whispered, her breathy voice nearly inaudible. I strained forward to catch what she was going to say, acutely aware that they both could see my extreme physical reaction. I fleetingly wished that I had not been skyclad, exposed to the elements of the everglades. “If you love an item, place a lot of rèsonce into it, and then empower it to be its own being, we do not desire to collect it. However, if you handle an item and place your intent into it as it always being there specifically for your use, say like the keys to your car, our nature makes it an imperative to deny you that access even it it is just for a short period of time. We are empowered by your loss of control over that item.”

The male laughed aloud, disturbing the young gators on the opposite bank. Even the swamp grasses in the background swayed as if they were a studio audience responding to the jokes of the host. “Some of you humans who fall into that trap have learned to distract us with inconsequentials. You imbue a trinket with so much rèsonce that you make it sparkle way out of proportion to the item we have pilfered from you. And then, you offer a deal. Not in so many words, but by loudly proclaiming that you love this little rock. It is so special that you would never want to be parted from it. Not even for those keys to you car which you used to love so much!”

The female jshàmay giggled uncontrollably. “We cannot resist such an enticing challenge and will replace the shiny rock with the unwanted keys. This is because your attention is so much more empowering to us that we will collect anything you find desirable.”

I looked at the two jshàmay in amazement and came to a realization. “So, if I a create a space which dedicates my attention to you, you would be made more?” The two creatures nearly disincorporated in their motions to confirm my intuition. “I will make a Faerie Vortex – a place with flowers, structures, fountains and sculptures – within which you are free to dance, prance, relax and create, and in exchange for beautiful gifts of glittery finery and your empowerment, you will enhance my life.”

The two fey were ecstatic and without invitation moved onto me and danced on my torso. They were so light that I felt the touch of their feet as feathers on my belly and breasts. This did nothing to ease the arousal of our interactions. The female, the one with the vùrlil (violet) lights coursing through her, spoke in response as she danced, sensually intermingling with the úqel (blue) lights of the male. “Yes! You are as we hoped, a sensitive.”

The two continued their dance on my torso and it slowly wound down. I was hesitant to interrupt and simply let their rèsonce flow into me. Their dancing culminated in a crescendo as I culminated in concert with them. It was quite an ecstatic release!

“Oh!” The male interjected when he observed my return to cognizance. “This also applies to your partners. Release them to experience living to the fullest without restrictions, and we will augment your intercourse with them.” At my in-the-moment. single-minded focus on sexuality he laughed for a prolonged period. “I mean that as fey, we will enhance all of your interactions with your partners.”

The female added her blessing. “In addition, you will have far fewer ‘Where did I put...?’ experiences. Of course, this all is dependent upon your continuing to empower and honor the Faerie Vortex you will create under that Cyprus tree abutting the canal.” She studied me for a moment. “You, of course, realize that this is only the barest of interactions between us. We both will benefit from increased vulnerabilities.”

At that, the others in the swarm of jshàmay populating the knees of the Cyprus trees on the other bank came to ‘rescue’ their two outspoken mates and they all retreated into the swamp to the south. I realized that I had much to learn about the nature of possessions and in my misguided understanding of relationships as was promulgated by the dominant paradigm within which I lived.

I ‘woke’ with a start and realized that should I spend any longer naked in the sunlight that I would regret it for several days to come. Was it a dream​? I wondered. And then, when I saw my sweetie, Cat, standing on the deck offering me a cool pina colada to refresh my broiled body, I realized that I had been blessed with a glimpse into the very spirit of the fey.

I walked to the deck and accepted the offering. “You are very special.” I said with a smile. “How would you like for me to invite Kim over for some fun?” I asked enigmatically.

Cat’s response and the subsequent action is another story completely.  

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