Monday, April 12, 2010

Glory of Spring – Tórspir

Springtime, what a glorious time of year! It’s not that the other seasons lack in splendor or intensity, it is that spring embodies the excitement of that time of year of maximum proliferation, of the tug-of-war between winter and summer, resulting in extreme and rapidly changing weather. The gestation of winter is completed and life is busting out all over!

I recently visited Northern Ohio and while there the high temperatures went from the upper 20s (F) to the mid 70s (F) and after several days and nights of magnificently raging thunderstorms, tórspirs if you will, the highs dropped down to the lower 30s (F). During this period of warmth and wet, flowers popped up among the brown of the leaves and grass. Purples, whites, pinks, yellows and reds all poked their faces out to the world.

Down here in the everglades, our seasons are not as pronounced as in the northern latitudes and so I am transfixed when I get the opportunity to experience them directly. The spring tórspirs that I reveled in create so much energy. It crackles around one and I understand in Nórland how the Rús not only cause such storms, but revel in them also. Have you ever made love during such a maelstrom? It increases my ecstasy at least tenfold. I would say that I feel sorry for my partners after such a ride but from what they say, it is just as good for them.

It is hot and muggy here in Everglades and we are supposed to have thunderstorms. They won’t be the same as the spring tórspirs I enjoyed while up north but I certainly will try to harvest their energy.

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